Writing to get this out
this feeling
the quick breathing
I panicked
another episode of
heavy on my chest
full of worry & tension
my world has crashed
A girl that is lost & confused with emotion
as tears flow
2 steps closer to a smile
thanking the release in my tears
but still, Consistent thoughts build in my mind
assumptions overflow creating storylines
I’m upset and nothing makes sense
questions burning for answers
Am I enough?
Am I failing?
what is life?
what makes me happy?
insecurities becoming word vomit
depression weighing on me
forcing expression
I scream into a pillow that just gets me
slowing time down
I pause my crashed world
lessons day by day to stop allowing this feeling to hold me back
it is clear as day I am my own challenge
blocking my own path
I accept this challenge of gravitating to my full potential
pushing play
breathing deeply in & out
remembering my place in my world
recreating my energy with every
inhale & exhale
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am worth it
I am enough

A simple rebalance



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