< l.o.v.e

Dear Future,

Defined as
An intense feeling of deep affection
A feeling of deep romantic or sexual attachment
True, default & unmeasurable
I want & will be more than an emotion if allowed
There there is more to this 4 letter word with meaning created by flesh
Simple & short with intensity
It is not a surprise that there’s more to love the surface world lacks showing
A bolt of energy with endless possibilities
Butterflies creating the glow of your smile
This aura creating goosebumps on your delicate
As I glide these almond eyes in your direction
Stealing selfies with my mind to avoid missing a beat
Cherishing you & the way you move
In Obstacles and hard times
and everything else fails & giving up is the only option
so you reach out
& touch
The feel of my surface
The sound of my voice
Instantaneously putting all of the pieces back together
A puzzle of security providing relief from assumptions
Allow me to be your everything
Trust me with your heart
Not just a part of it
But entirely
This passion will eliminate your hesitation
As I confess
Let my words guide you to place your heart in my hands
Organically and effortlessly
My presence, my support, my effort
Will ensure you my last breath belongs to you
It is more than a simple word or just something to say
Indeed more than those moments I stare into your eyes and become lost and found all at once
You are my oxygen
Past, present and future
Treating each point in time as my last
Allow me to give my heart
Trusting you to use your strength to catch me when I fall
Provide me access to hold you close to help your train of thought process your importance
Accept that you display perfection in my eyes
Holding on strong to my perception of  love as others speak nothing is forever
I disagree
This wave is



2 thoughts on “< l.o.v.e”

  1. *snaps fingers* this was awesome. Being able to paint a picture as you read always makes the poem unique within itself. Sounds like spoken word piece for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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