At once
You give your all
To one person
What is left.
Possibly what can be left
From the hurt
The lies
Dreams that were sold
yeah hurt
My heart is empty
Cause I gave it away
Not showing my complete worth
Not close to a bitter female
That type doesn’t run in my blood
You’ve broken me down into little pieces
With every fuck up.
Your very first fuck up was telling me
I love you…
You’re not meant for those words
They are tossed out of your mouth to any
Like I’ve said once before
I’m 1 of many
1 of many that let you fuck up
But you’ll never take my happiness
Of course, tears were shed
Like the river that flows through the Mississippi
But that smile remains
I will not hate
Cause of your actions
I will not continue to be empty
Loving me for me is all that matters
Through the ups
The Downs
In the light
& the dark
The truth remains the same
3 sides to a story
You, me, complete truth
Restrained by a roadblock called
Ignorance of the drug
While you stand in the shadows of not knowing
Of assuming
Creating these tales over & over
You can feel better
& move on to the next as always
At the tip of those hurting fingers
Is a quick getaway
A little moment of happiness
Then it ends




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