More than Melanin..

She glows

Closed but open

How at the same time?

Calm, collective & cool

She never jumps as her mind is picked through

As I search for those in-depth meanings to life

Consistent connection

A neglected word

Hesitating to reach over to pull you near

But instead I scoot

Just a Little bit

Letting me in a foot at time keeping the door cracked

Her vibes stay in good status even when her world is upside down

I use my vibes to turn it back upright

Making you smile and I run through her field of butterflies I create

Paying close attention to each word


While we sit on top of Venus

Using the atmosphere to

Our Light flowers

Creating clouds to time travel through the milky way

To get to the other life where we met the first time

Easy to feel that but a little hard to speak

Sitting on your right

Turn to my left

My eyes locked on this smirk


Consistently have

There goes the word again

Helping you exit this shell you conserve your spirit in

It’s kinda like you need to be contained

Or else

Wondering if it’s something wild within

Can keep that Lion from this reality

Of I

Providing the breeze

Just so that mane you carry

Can move in the breeze


It’s ok

Let your aura glow

Pausing her

Wondering was her glow ever broken like I once was?

Cause she shines so bright, having me lack the logic of this

Fooled me

She spoke to me

In shock that she created

Metaphors and drums

Following with explanation of

Being  broken & repaired

As she slowly puts herself back together


A reason of glow




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