A reminder .. 

Last night I broke down.

Releasing through tears.

& I wasn’t smiling

No victim here just a bruised spirit.

It happens

Sometimes it’s more than just bruised

In the perfect time

I was sent this post

Though I want everything to make sense it doesn’t

Different auras and vibes intellectuals networking

With an understanding of who you are


That can be a front

Or maybe your blinded by the vision you thought was supposed to happen

Instead of reality

When words come in to play but doesn’t hold hands with reality

Makes no sense

& again people these

Last few weeks I found myself confused

& frustrated

This post told me to just laugh

But i don’t find my confusion funny

But I laughed

Why waste energy due to being confused

Simply informed or corrected

Communication fixes that

Over and over don’t stress over anything you don’t have control over

It may grind your gears but it’s not your job to fix it

Just let it play out

It will be hard

But remember the same ole saying

Everything happens for a reason

Put that energy on

Something you can change for the good

Just a little reminder


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