Processing reality

If it is for you, you will have what ever it is. This is because it was meant for
you to have. The 2017 in the 20’s is um more of a struggle than I thought. Sometimes we in the 20’s have thoughts of doubt. Not understanding why things are the way they are. Why can’t I get myself together. Why is this person getting promotion? Why am I not? Why don’t I have a nice car like that person?

    Stay in your own lane.  Push forward without looking back. It can be difficult when you are spending so much time on Instagram scrolling and liking , while envying others materialistic things. Social media has brain washed this generation. Brain washed to think a 23-year-old is supposed to be driving and owning a Audi without earning. What you see isn’t the reality you are thinking. There are people who do get famous for just about anything. The internet is what helps these individuals be successful, but understand that is their given purpose. They were chosen for that not you. That should push you to search and go on a journey of why you were picked out of that sperm bank. Why were you created, to just inhale and exhale? No.

Take time to blossom into that amazing person. It can be confusing and frustrating. You will leave people behind, the ones that understand will always be there.

Michael Jordan wasn’t the best in his time looking at everyone do their thing around him. He knew what he wanted and he practiced until he was the best. Even dipping into other things he always came back to the passion he had, basket ball.

I simply want everyone to understand you’re not alone. A lot of us are going through the foggy phase of the 20’s. It took me a good year of up and down once I decided and accepted I have a purpose and I need to find it. At first I thought it would happen quick, I was wrong. I had the thoughts of finding my purpose but I wasn’t ready for the journey as I thought I was. After self evaluating and gaining some knowledge from a few self-growth books and the bible, I was ready for my journey.

If no one believes in you, just make sure you do. In everything you do exercise passion. Be passionate in your time towards your journey. The universe will give you everything on a silver platter if you just believe in the positive. Use more energy towards the positive in your life.

Keep pushing.

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