Shared truth… 

Sometimes I wonder when I will trust again. When I will believe what someone says again without squinting my eyes in disbelief. People walk around bragging they have trust issues, when All I want to do is trust with out the issues genuinley. Trust without the slightest thought to rewind & play back what I just heard. With the lack of trust I put logic to any and everything. This + That = something. The process of common sense in my mind definitley different then the next individual. Intentionally watering down these issues to deal with reality. So I don’t sound too much like the resting bitch display only face. How do I allow myself to start the process of learning to trust and get past this brick wall. Started writing this over a week ago, & just now a match happened. The universe has now matched with the words I chose to put together. When trust is too hard to exercise living in the moment becomes void.


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