Passion Fruit

Vibrant color & full of juices

As your lips let the sweet taste enter 

Taste buds sending stimulating, thirst quenching

Electric feels of flavor

Sweet fruit of passion

Body shaking 


Your soul bounces against these 4 walls

Full of all the tea you served 

But destined to be speechless

One purpose of blocking the outside from your passion

Teamwork with that door you quickly closed and locked

with the same hands that

cradle the fruit of passion



Lust wore you out.

That’s passion fruit nick name

Body exhausted

Result of giving all of you

Handing your soul to flesh

As if you never wanted it

Sight blurred

using only touch to communicate

Now that is the only way to send messages to the body next to you

As you catch your breath. Calling them back to you


the only thing you on time for


Ready at any cost for passion fruit

Obligation floats in the air

Thinking this is what you need

Body off balance

You forgot how life is without that body inside of you

You forgot how to be alone

Consistently filling your sexual appetite

Defining lust is as easy as being in lust

Lust : Very strong sexual desire

I just gave you the definition and yet

I see your pores yearning for..


Anyone can be present & absent.

Many are good at doing both

Here but not here

Many more than not

confuse Lust with love.

Easier to act on

than to think on


Temperatures combining

Creating temptation.

Your mind on accept it all

Cause you remember how good that feeling is when it takes over your flesh

tricking your mind

Body shakes screaming at you

It’s worth it

Your only worth the come and go feeling

As your world continues to shake you

to wake you..


You wake up


Not understanding why the other side of the bed is cold

When all you could remember it was hot and occupied

& now empty

& alone

Feeling low cause the feeling you felt before isn’t


Due to you consistently giving all of you away

Until there isn’t anything left

You are lost when you realize

Lust chose not to guide you.

Now what? 


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