Power over thy self 

Clock ticking & tocking

Time running 

Times when you just wanna run away … 


like fuck it 

Feelings over lapping feels 

Making ya sense of touch awkward

Being alone just seems so much worth it 

Self growth… 

only drinking tea & water to nourish self love 

Hydrate that thang 

Giving up just seems so much easier 

I wasn’t made that way though 

Cut from a different cloth 

Unexplainable individuality 

Thinking logically 

This + that = this 

Summing up 

Everything happens for a reason 

With simplicity 


From every mistake 

Every lost friend 


From all the heart breaks 

Day by day learning 

My mind, body , soul 

As I sip my tea with my eyes shut 


What is for me 

How I can make my self smile 

Show some teeth today cause baby your worth it 

Rather love myself in and out instead of waiting to be loved 

Hoping to be loved 

Assumptions over weighing security 

Leading to dangerous places 

“In your feelings” 

Naw but.. 

This love right here 

This Self love 

This honey to my tea 

This real love 

This pure 

This magic 

Over powering fake love drake warned me about 


 I already knew 

He just said It 

Vibing to the tunes as I smoke this hookah 

They smile in ya face 

Whole time they wanna take my place 

My place? 

Not with this power I got 

Aura shining through the darkest place guiding me 

Pulling me through 

Yaaas aura 

Pull me through baby 

Yes aura give others love taps as I walk by 

Locs swaying 

& you in awe 

Baby Lauryn 

While her lyrics hit deep 

In the pits of my soul 

Moving my spirit 

Cause those notes she sang were real 

So real I find myself consumed by her love 

Bahdu just do 

She wasn’t playing about calling Tyrone

She said 

You bettah call Tyrone with that shit cause I ain’t feeling it 

Yes Bahdu I’ll see you in another life time 

Until then 

You hydrate me 

As I sip on your art 

I sway letting the beat take me away

To that place 

To resurface on my own 

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