Her is she 


is the 

Apple of your eye 
Treat as such 

Treasure shorty

She  just wants to be understood 

Feel her 


Her  Mind 

The way her mind grasps her thoughts 

As she multitask to catch every Word 

Flowing from your mind to your tongue 

She catches them before they fall 

Catching you 

So treasure shorty 

She got you 

Compliment her 

Make her feel more than the word love 

She’s beyond the words that you just speak 

She’s beyond the words listed here 

She’s beyond the words you can see 

Her is she 

& she wants that action 

Give her 

Show her 

Nothing else matters 

Cause she that 


That damn, She fine 

The way she walk 

To the glow of her smile 

She’s like that one Lilly in a field of daisies 

Uniquely herself

So treasure,


Cause shortly

Shorty will learn the sacredness of her soul

A rare flower waiting to bloom thru her adversity

An open vessel waiting for the world to play with her light

She has given us the warmest color to life



Happy Valentine’s Day
-JasmyneDanielle &  The Art break Collab 

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