She’s back….

A breath of fresh air … 
This is no ordinary feeling … 

been through the up and down emotions 

Flying here and there 

Hot & cold 

Heart was broke… 


Exhausted from healing 

The minutes/hours /days / weeks / months 

Just to assemble me back 

Piece by piece

A puzzle 




Thankful I’m learning to love again 

Learning to accept

Love & affection 

All the things included 



Becoming one with her 

The universe 

She spoke to me 

She said well you were never broken at all 

You just couldn’t see 

Your vision was blurred by 

Sex, lies & flesh 

But you made it 

You are woke 

I took her advice 

I ran 

I ran away with a stronger mind & heart 

Not too cold anymore 

I wake up smiling cause the sun gently wakes me up 

Shining on my pretty brown skin 

Into my almond shaped eyes barging through 

A jungle of lashes 

Stretching across my white sheets

The ones with the roses 

Soft like a cloud of cotton 


Home … 

finally . 

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