Stuffing my face 
Kinda glancing at 

A Football fly 

I just know Atlanta is playing 


Thinking in slow Motion 

 what she is doing ? 

If paused with action 

Shit then 

What is she thinking ? 

Wondering what the inside of her mind looks like 

Is it filled with footballs like this damn loud tv 

Take a second to remanence 

Intellectual & stimulating conversations  

& how you make me shake 

With every breath I take when 

Our eyes are connected

Bad bad lil thang 

Milk Chocolate tone 

Hair draping the back of that button down 


Thinking about 

How my lips feel against your 


Goose bumps when my lips touch your collar bone 

Bystanders yelling and screaming 

Cause yeah the super bowl 


I wanna scream and moan with you 


Sit and talk 

Intimacy at the tip of my Tounge 

gentle love taps 

Feeling of flower petals dropping on your spine 

Yeah that 

Delicate touch

Of life 

While Atlanta tied with that other team with the blue and white I think red 

I’m trying to win 

All I wanna do is win with you 


Not another fail 

Not another rushed 

Feeling in thy chest 

No words 

To explain  

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