Blossom baby Blossom

This particular illustration speaks out loud. At times growth will pull you away from the negative in your life. Before growth you have to PAUSE life and take a step back and think. Basically have a self-evaluation. Look at your environment and the people  you are surrounded by. Ask yourself, “Is this enough?, Do these people have my best interest in life?, What can make my situation better?”

Another good
question to ask is,


“Am progressing?” Where do you want to be in 1-2 years an dhow ill you get there? If any of those answers are a negative impact on your life you have some changes that need to be made. Sometimes you have to be selfish to move on for the better of your life. In the process of blossoming it is possible to leave people behind. Do not be blinded by individuals that are jealous of your growth. Some will throw the word fake,some will grow apart from you. This is a result accepting change. Everyone will not be in your lane. All you can do is motivate them by continuing to be great. All the negative people along with the once that need a extra push water them with love and positivity while you continue to push forward with goals. Keeping a journal or even just writing notes in your iPhone/ android will help. I personally have a journal. What keeps track is my journal, planner and working out. The gym is my absolutely best stress reliever. Again, have positivity in your life to reach your full potential.


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