To be or to not to be? 


 To be of to not to be is the question. Sound familiar? Let break this post down here. It’s written in black and white. In to there’s word as simple as can be. Build or bullshit is the real  question that you need to be asking? This question is straight to the point raw and no sugar coat. Be real, Why not? The answer to this question should definitley give you a clear path in this realationship journey. One thing I don’t understand is people that like to invest time to waist time. Your basically waiting your life. Time is precious and shouldn’t just be waisted. Time is money. Think about it if you invest all this time, money and feelings in someone and boom they cut you off. Yeah guess what that person wanted to bullshit the moment you two started talking. Simple. Again why invest time to waist time ?  Don’t get me wrong when you and your significant other what ever they are to you have a understanding things can be different. I say this because you both understand that y’all  are nothing and aren’t ever going to be a something. This is where feelings don’t ever need to get involved! 

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