A trues story

A trues story
Thoughts, questions, feelings.
Signs of what is real.
 there’s this girl.
Pretty brown chocolate skinned girl.
and a boy that can never leave her mind.
She has now made him the center .
Center of her life.
He’s her everything and has failed to realize she is attached.
Completely attached to where is a lil crazy.
Crazy, crazy, crazy
Never did she know she could think about him, talk about him, dream about him all the time.
All she can do is ask why? Is he really true? Is this ment to be?
Even though she already know’s the answers it still hurts .
It’s because of the sex. The things said to fill her head.
The things that made her feel special, like the only girl that mattered.
She would think about the way…
the way they kissed
never could i..
i mean she, stop thinking about the way they touched
The touching of they’re skin under the sheets.
All those times i felt
i mean she felt like the one
No she wasn’t..the one.
Time waisted
all calls , text , the face book status’s didn’t mean a thing.
No feelings , no sign of emotion to him.
Only because she wasn’t the one.
Wasn’t the one.
Wasn’t the one playing over and over again iin her mind until..
she screams..
crying , and crying. she is crying . she is crying.
Crying because she doesn’t feel whole
Because she thinks crying makes everything better.
when it doesn’t.
an empty space within her only one person she feels can fill .
He is now gone, deleted .
He is now in her tears
pushed out of her.
Drained like storm..
Only i
i means she
could gain strength of letting go.
Past is the past and shall  be only the past in her life.

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