The D-word “Dating”

This poFullSizeRender-1st was found on @makjones91 instagram page. This is definitely the first post cause of how many people really feel this way about dating. The “we almost dated” relationship is simply just two parties that aren’t ready for a real monogamous relationship. No matter how much one argues they are “ready”they aren’t. The thought of talking to one person is killing someone inside. Being monogamous is foreign in this time.( 2016). This brings me to the different levels of dating. The amount of times someone is in this type of “situationship” is definitely their blame. Pause let me back this up! A person will only allow so much to happen. If this is happening the person consistently they must be  comfortable with being in these situationships; and is afraid to go further. Might not be what they want. They don’t want to get to serious too soon. There are people out there that get a rush for just talking to more than one person just cause they can. Like I mentioned before one or both parties isn’t ready. A person that is fed up with this scenario would stop playing the role. Playing house as I would say.  As far as it being 10 different levels of dating is ridiculous and needs to come to an end. Show interest. Get to know each other ( hobbies, full name, what do they like : the normal small talk. Go out on the town. ( do something both parties enjoys). Spend time together and spend time apart. No one likes to get smothered. After some time has passed there has been a routine created. When your going to see each other? Whose house y’all are sleeping at? Also with in this the two parties are learning each others personal routine.  Basically observing where they can fit. After all of this time and more time goes by , two parties are comfortable. The question or mistake I will bring to light  is being too comfortable too soon. Who doesn’t want to feel secure and wanted? What people have to tell the difference between  filling space versus actually being wanted. Once they find out where they stand a understanding is made it’s more clear. Are we wasting time or are we going to do this dating thing. Communication is very important don’t forget. Closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Speak up people! There is dating = getting to know either one or more person. Monogamous dating= dating one person. DATING can simply mean “this is my boyfriend or girlfriend (partner)”. It just depends on the two parties involved. Keep this in mind. Be mindful of how you are making the next person feel about you.



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