The Genesis of Labelz & Love x Now MELANIN ROSE


Hello everyone! JasmyneDanielle here with a new blog. This blog will be full of facts,experiences and opinions about love & relationships. That will not be the only topics! There will be talk with me about fashion, poetry, and featured African american owned companies & organizations. This blog is honestly just a hobby that keeps self-peace and helps others in need of insight. I am not a professional but I am libra that understands balance in life. Thoughts from a young black women. This is my way of putting black girl magic out into the world. Think of a nice bright sign with lights and glitter. In life I am the glitter. This completely defines my personality. Definitely the outgoing, bubbly, raw, no sugar coat. The best word to describe JasmyneDanielle is REAL. Well tune in !!! & don’t be shy to ask questions or bring up scenarios. You never know someone sitting right next to you may be going through the same situation. Stay positive loves !



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